Buildings made out of cards rely on little more than balance and friction in order to stay upright. Ideally, adhesives or other external connecting methods are not used, and no damage or alterations are made to the cards themselves. Therefore, The larger the structure, the more likely it is to fall, due entirely to the increased number of balanced cards that could fail and compromise the integrity of the building.

Some, however, claim that the more cards placed on the tower, the stronger it becomes, as the weight of the cards pushing down on the base, which increases friction, can allow the occasional card to stumble without the entire structure collapsing.

After the Last War, it’s become apparent to those who rest at the top of these houses, specifically the Dragonmarked Houses, that, if they wish to continue life the way they’ve been living it, it might be prudent to take into account this new way of looking at things.

Thus, The Guild was formed. By interconnecting each house together, one static, stable house results, with greater freedom and less to lose from the occasional failure, and more time to react to each in kind.

Headed by a man known as Chandler DeMortanté, he has taken the world by storm, and every nation that hosts a Dragonmarked House has noticed an improvement for it.

Of course, rumors, whispers from the shadows, speak of the countries upon the other continents taking notice as well, and the threat that looms overhead seems clear.

But anyone who participated in the Last War knows that nothing is ever as it seems.

House of Cards

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