House of Cards

"It's actually pronounced 'Vah-z'."

Second Contract: Diplomacy

  • Sar 4th, Barrakas, 998 YK

The rest after having disposed of Karalel went off mostly without a hitch, however at last watch, the Battlemage got a little curious and managed to hear voices on the other side of the door, which lead into the unknown, probably further into the tomb. Trying not to startle the others in their rest, he darted to cover, preparing for the worst. The Monk saw him and they both prepared themselves. The Assassin, ever stealthy, managed to open the door unnoticed and the party gathered to descend a flight of stairs, to find an angry Druid, of the Shifter variety, along with three humans. They seemed to be frustrated trying to open yet another stone door, the Druid seeming particularly perturbed at the door’s presence.

The group made their presence known and offered their assistance in opening the door. One of the group managed to decipher the message next to the door, revealing that the way to open it lied in the brazier to the left. As they approached, the brazier idea quite literally blew up in their faces, as they were flown backward and caught aflame themselves. After putting out the fire, they realized there was a small blue orb sitting where the fire used to be, they picked it up, and the door swung open.

Inside the next room, the adventurer’s found, you guessed it, more sand! The sand completely covered the floor, and on the left and right sides of the room protruded 3 small pillars, and at the end of the room, lo-and-behold, the vase the Gnoll Leader had asked the party to gather, was resting upon another pillar. The party worked their way over to the vase, the sand yet again providing a difficult ground to maneuver upon. The Artificer made his way over to the vase first, and unknowingly summoned a waiting monstrosity that plunged out from under the sand and lunged at him with his pincers, grabbing hold of him. The party raced to his defense, and managed to knock the Artificer out of the creature’s mandibles. The new member, the Druid, managed a flashy wall-kick onto the monster’s left arm, transforming into a wolf mid-air and gnawing furiously.

The Artificer, inspired, baited the monster into grabbing hold of him yet again, this time with a plan. The artificer lit a Molotov cocktail and threw it into the monster’s tiny opening of a mouth, only to have it shake it off and make a sound that could be construed as a laugh. Clearly, fire wasn’t going to do the job here.

Despite a few close calls, the party was managing to get the upper hand through brute force; despite the creature burrowing underground and appearing somewhere else in the sand every few seconds, forcing the adventurer’s had to get off hits where they could. Nevertheless, the party defeated the monster, and it sank ominously into the sand… The Monk then instinctively went for the vase, even if unfortunately, the magical aura around the vase jumped off it and plunged into the sand. The Battlemage, seeing the vase in the possession of the Monk, ventured back into the tomb in an attempt to find a way out, despite not being followed.


hey terrance, i was the one who touched the vase that summoned the worm. just so you know :3


I didn’t write the post, just so you know :P


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