House of Cards

Trick Sequence

Second Contract: Diplomacy

  • Sar 4th, Barrakas, 998 YK

With sand pouring into the room, the group had to work fast, making their way through the sand. Despite the bursts of Sand that threatened to crush them and a number of high-velocity spiked coils launching at them, they did successfully manage to disable the trap.

As they continued deeper into the ruin, they found a more prepared group of gnolls waiting, so they devised a strategy to look like clueless and lost adventurers. While the Aria “Ghost” Lockwood slipped into the shadows, the rest of the group took up positions as two gnolls left their positions.

The gnolls spoke with the Artificer and the Battlemage for a short moment before, not satisfied with their answers, lashing out at the group, engaging in a swift bout. Ultimately, they were no match for the group and were readily dispatched.

The real challenge came when the group entered the throne room beyond and saw the forces arrayed before them. Four more gnolls revealed themselves from behind a number of sarcophagi, while as many hyena, hissing and snarling, stood at their heels.

As the battle began, from the behind the throne itself, another presence continuously rained down arrows, sometimes explosive ones, at the party, wreaking havoc even as the battle slowly turned towards Blackwood’s favor.

When at least the numbers had thinned and the group turned to face off against the remaining few, bloodied hyena and the mysterious archer, they were in for quite a shock.

Karlalel stepped out from behind the throne, and greeted them as though they were long friends.

The group immediately turned their attention onto the vampire they were certain they had killed hardly a day ago and started cutting loose, before the battle had progressed too far, unleashed a wave of darkness across a good portion of the room, before making a dramatic exit with the mention that this wouldn’t be the last they’d seen of him.

He also said it with quite a bit of good cheer.

Somewhat frustrated and bemused by the vampire’s tactics, the group cleaned up the few enemies left and set up to camp out, determined to rest and finish their search for the glowing vase.



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