House of Cards

Summary Recap

Prelude to Ruin

  • Summary of Events

After Fangren was slain, Blackwood Company spent a bit of time cleaning up the town of the remaining gnolls before joining the town in a celebration of success. After accepting their reward, and spending a little time destroying a cursed dagger, they set off to gather supplies for their return trip back to Wroat. Despite some curious incidents, they were able to procure amenities and aid, including assistance from the reactivated Warforged.

Upon arriving in Wroat, they were congratulated for a job well done, and sent to rest. The Battlemage being offered a position with another group, led by the younger Jarad Vincent. Early the next morning, however, the remaining three members of the group were rudely awaken when word that Stormhome was being attacked. They were airlifted to the city, and given assistance by a Warden who also happened to be the ship’s commander.

Immediately upon landing, they engaged in battle with fire and frost elementals, cutting a swath through them, though it was clear that the damage to the island had already been dealt. They then encountered a warped, shadowy tiefling who called himself Grimoire, and declared that the Frighteners had declared war upon the Guild and the rest of the world.

The battle was hard-fought, with the party just barely coming out on top as, with Grimoire’s presence, the elementals attacks struck true more often and with greater potency than before. Near the end of the fight, the group began to fracture under the strain, with the Monk quitting the field, only to run into Karlalel.

Once the battle was won, Karl managed to persuade the Artificer to open the vase he had found earlier. Once he did, a powerful presence was released unto the world once again. Karl then convinced the group that, with the city clearly in tatters, a rest would be in the group’s best interest, of which he would provide the accommodations – his own private ship. Once out to the sea, the group took a well-deserved rest, then, before they could question the vampire’s benevolence over-much, were tasked with retrieving an object for him.

The group was then set upon a jungle island, where they battled their way through carnivorous spiders to make their way through an abandoned, ruined temple. Despite some puzzles, traps, and teleporting spiders, they were able to breach the defenses only to be stopped by a longtooth shifter who accused them of being defilers before attacking the group. A lengthy battle ensued, before the party was able to slip by her and obtain the object they had quested for. The shifter, revealing herself as Aurora-Dawnshield, interposed again, but was left with broken legs as the Aria Lockwood finished her off.

Aurora then escaped, and the party made to destroy the artifact and leave, where they were met by Miko Miyazaki, a ranking officer of the Guild and right-hand woman to the Guild’s leader. She accused them of treason (though the Warden was only charged with dereliction of duties) and ordered them to return with her immediately. The group complied without resistance and was returned to Wroat for a trial, where they were introduced to Chandler Demortant√© and his cat, Mr. Scruffy.

They were ordered, to prove their innocence, to investigate a ruin the Guild had been interested in for some time on the Sarlonan continent. Though not pleased with the idea, the group departed, under the supervision of Miko, and entered the ruin. There, they battled emaciated kalasthar cannibals, found and explored an unusual species of monster known as Jahori, and then, inexplicably, disappeared.

That was when an entire chunk of Sarlona lifted off the ground, rising thousands of miles above the ground, leaving the Guild, with its eyes and ears in the area missing in action, completely blindsided.

All over the continent, however, riots began to erupt in major cities , leaders of countries began more open military build-ups, and a few have even gone as far as to move forces to the borders of their nations, as though prepared to be attack…or in preparation of making a preemptive strike.

With all of its resources being pulled into trying to keep the peace and hold together a nation, what was left was spared to put together a team, dubbed “Mystborn,” to resume the investigation into the “Sarlona Incident,” with the objective of finding the team that preceded them, as well as return with whatever information they can about what happened. The Guild is concerned that the Frightener attack, the sudden earth mote rising up, and the mass riots, are connected, and needs to know what steps it has to take to properly handle the situation.

Only a member of House Orien’s elite Unicorn’s Horn and an untried puppetmaster possibly stand between the Guild’s survival.

No pressure.



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