Binwin Bronzebottom

A veteran of the Last War and a former King's Citadel agent, Binwin is a pragmatic, seasoned warrior who's seen it all and done it twice.


Among all of the Contractors of The Guild, Binwin is considered one of the absolute best in the business. The members he trains are often put into situations with limited Intel, resources, and options, and are forced to succeed not only just to collect their earnings, but also to preserve their lives. The rate of success his teams have under their belts is undeniable, and, whether the members themselves would ever admit it, they’ve learned much under his guidance.

There is, however, a rumor that his exceptional training methods are largely a byproduct of his legendary drinking ability. Even among his kin, his drinking rarely goes unremarked – even his favorite hammer, Skaldir, has a hatch in the hilt for a quick swig during a pitched battle…or conversation.

Even before his tenure as a Contractor, however, he has been making a name for himself, both as a adventurer and as an agent of Breland’s elite King’s Citadel, rumored to have been the King’s very own Ghost Paladin.

Binwin favors simple, heavy armor, usually chainmail or scale, and, despite his age, wears both with the ease of a soldier in his prime. His combat training leans towards unconventional combat utilizing exploits any fighter would be trained in, and he is proficient in more weapons than most know exist. It’s even been rumored that he has at least a dash of magic at his fingertips.

While he usually keeps to his own counsel, or that of whatever alcoholic beverage is at hand, when dragged into a conversation, he rarely holds his opinion back, and is certain to let one know just what’s on his mind. He is brutally honest, but he is also a man of unquestionable integrity, and those who do question it often find his honesty more than sufficient replacement.

Binwin Bronzebottom

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