An unusually verbose gnoll shaman, he is known for his silver tongue and, if not fortwright, refreshingly reliable integrity.


Fangren is a gnoll shaman who tends to rely less on the brutish reputation that his species has (rightfully) earned and more upon the usefulness of words in his dealings with others. He’s fond of omitting details, but very rarely has he found a need to lie – generally, most will believe what they will, and the truth is almost always easier to keep track of than an ever-growing net of lies.

He leads a small band of gnolls across Droaam, usually attacking specific caravans that travel the barren wastes on their way towards the Great Crag.

He was slain in [[Shardne]] by the adventurers of Blackwood Comapnay on Sar 4th, Barrakas, 998 YK.


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