Sangrite Crystal

A potent red crystal of condensed magical energy, a user to manages to consume it can uses its power to regain lost strength.


Power (Consumable): Standard Action. Eat this crystal and regain the use of one encounter power. The shard then makes the following attack against you:
Trigger: A creature consumes this crystal
Attack: Creature’s level + 3 vs. Will
Hit: The target contracts sangrite poisoning
Special: The attack gains a +2 bonus for each crystal consumed since the triggering creature’s last extended rest.


Sangrite crystals are shards of super-condensed arcane energy. They can are easily crushed when mishandled, resulting in the energy leaking out and causing the crystal to become useless.

When chewed, not unlike one would chew on a piece of ice or a cashew, the energy can be ingested, revitalizing the user by restoring lost energy.

The process to create such a creation is currently unknown.

Sangrite Crystal

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