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Days and Months

A day is 24 hours long. Seven days fill a week, and four weeks make a month. A year contains 12 months, which correspond to the 12 moons in the Ring of Siberys. Folklore and tradition associate the moons and months with the twelve dragonmarks, as shown below.

Days of the Week

Sul, Mol, Zol, Wir, Zor, Far, Sar

Months of the Year

Month Season Dragonmark
Zarantryr Mid-Winter Storm
Olarune Late Winter Sentinel
Therendor Early Spring Healing
Eyre Mid-Spring Making
Dravago Late Spring Handling
Nymm Early Summer Hospitality
Lharvion Mid-Summer Detection
Barrakas Late Summer Finding
Rhaan Early Autumn Scribing
Sypheros Mid-Autumn Shadow
Aryth Late Autumn Passage
Vult Early Winter Warding


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