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Blackwood Company

Character Played By Party Role Class
Nadar Shah Frequency Defender, Striker Battlemage
Bashir Ra’ad Frequency Defender Warden
Aria Lockwood Xander46 Striker Assassin
Zilrahkresh GraphicPanda Striker, Controller Monk, Cleric
Vale Spyridon CoreKazuki Leader Artificer


Character Played By Party Role Class
Quinn Talos CoreKazuki Defender Swordmage
Victor Powell Inteth Controller, Leader Puppetmaster
Zaktti Frequency Striker, Leader Psimage
Nix GraphicPanda Striker, Controller Assassin

World Organizations

Organization Led By Founded
The Guild Chandler DeMortanté 994 YK
The Grey Wardens “Wolfe” 871 YK
Daask The Sisters of Sora Kell Unknown
Dreaming Dark Unknown Unknown

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