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One of hundreds of adventuring companies within The Guild, Blackwood Company is an adventuring party tasked with upper-level deliveries, item acquisition and recovery, various security-management tasks, and other less publicized functions.

Binwin Bronzebottom is the Contractor for the group, and he often tests the group by giving them missions that lack sufficient information, pose significant threat, or otherwise seem entirely pointless, but the fact remains that he is considered one of the best Contractors in the group for this reason.

Because of him, Blackwood Company boasts an impressive range of completed missions, several of which were labeled as impossible by other companies within the Guild.

Current Membership

  • Aria “Ghost” Lockwood, a Changeling Assassin renown for her discipline, and student of legendary assassin Shinigami Jax.
  • Nadar Shah, a mercenary with a past he’d rather not discuss, but is known to get results.
  • Vale Spyridon, an Antica Artificer with a knack for keeping useless trinkets on his person and finding innovative uses for them.
  • Zilrakresh, a Kalashtar Monk who follows many paths, searching for leads to help him take down a quarry he doesn’t fully understand.
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The Blackwood Company

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