House of Cards

The Fall of Karlalel the Scourge

First Contract: Vampire Slaying

  • Far 3rd, Barrakas, 998 YK

It had cost them a week of travel, a week of searching, of playing hide and seek, trailing behind the ruins of a madman.

But they’d caught him. And there was reckoning.

And how there was a reckoning.

The battle took place within an old Breland fort established during the midst of the Last War, deep in Droaam territory, within one of the largest rooms available – one used by commanders to have war criminals and unruly soldiers fight each other in pseudo-gladiatorial styled combat.

A fitting place for a final duel.

Few words were exchanged as the group of adventurers took charge. One vampire patriarch and two blood elementals? Challenging opposition, to be certain, but these adventurers were no average fare.

They were members of The Guild, and they were angry.

Karlalel made the first move, ordering his elementals to engage the party whilst he made to escape. Certain he could handle them, he still had no interest in it – survival first, before all things. Unfortunately, things went slightly astray as he attempted to force a lever that wouldn’t budge, which would have led to the outside.

The adventurers took heart, assailing the elementals, the self-elected leader of the party, an Artificer, moving to engage Karlalel in single-combat. At some point during their fight, Karlalel had turned his attentions elsewhere, and, with a hypnotizing glare and words of seduction, dominated the Battlemage.

The battle quickly began to move in Karlalel’s favor, and he exploited that advantage to further his attempts at escape, culminating in his opening of the secret passage at last.

Several opportunities arose wherein he could have had his escape, but, for pride or perhaps arrogance, he continued his fight against the group.

Meanwhile, the Monk of the party and the Assassin were making quick work of the elementals, even as they split into two as they were worn down. Though the group had long since stopped caring about party communication, they had an understanding about party priorities, and began to bring their might against Karlalel properly, to his chagrin. The Swordmage was finally able to break free from the vampire’s domination and rejoin the fight on his own terms.

It didn’t take much longer, now with the group focused on just one enemy. When the final blow was struck, Karlalel’s last exclamation was that this wasn’t the last they’d see of him, that he would be back.

He left behind a cursed brooch of vitality, a memento of his evil, as it was so coated in his taint the magic itself had warped.

Sharing a collective feeling of a job well done, the group began to escape, to return to the capital of Breland and collect their earnings for the defeat of the Scourge.



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